by Polaris

Takeoff 12:43
Code:voice 07:19
Countdown 05:30
Solstice 05:27
A way back 07:21


Metallic windy noises make it sound as if we are in a vast construction awaiting some momentous event. As the track is titled 'Takeoff' perhaps we are in some sort of rocket tower. A wistful lead line strikes up, thoughts before launch maybe, then a rapid sequence surges forward really doing the business as we blast off into space, belting along at quite a rate. Spacey type vocal samples add that little atmos and more sequences are brought into play as warp drive in engaged. There are loads of Berlin School influences in there but also just the right amount of melodic content to make it have even wider appeal. It's certainly extremely exciting!

Things calm down again as we seamlessly float into 'Searching for the Right Band'. It's as if we are now peacefully floating in deep space. There are all sorts of cosmic effects and soft stellar pads. A restrained lead line weaves a delicate spell taking us further on our journey to 'Remote Spaces'. Twitters fly from the speakers like a swarm of alien bees! A very sharp sequence pulses out like stabs of static, a more rapid sequence joins it, then another as the excitement builds once again. There are the occasional start and stop of the sequences which add their own dynamic and make the whole track even more effective. 'Code:Voice' uses some extremely distorted vocal effects, so distorted in fact they hardly sound vocal at all. An organ strikes up and rhythms start to form, coming in flourishes, gradually increasing in intensity but never becoming too bludgeoning. A sequence joins the drums fitting in perfectly- this is so good!

'Countdown' keeps the excitement high, initially combining snare, organ and melodic motif for a gentle beginning but then a contemporary rhythm is brought in which immediately got my head nodding to it. Some nice tron type sounds are also a welcome inclusion. 'Solstice' changes the mood completely as we now venture into aquatic realms the sound of water mixing with appropriate effects and a very short vocal sample. A moody rhythm is added emphasising a feeling of unease that had always been just on the edge of perception. The beats become more insistent, now hinting at the need for urgency. Our journey concludes with 'A Way Back'. Sighing ethereal pads are joined by a melodic sequence which starts to skip along at a fair pace and after about a minute is joined by a subtle rhythm. It's then all pause as a stunning melody plays, almost in isolation, so that its true beauty can be fully appreciated. We then get a bass beat and a return of the sequence which plays in tandem with the melody as we get closer to the end. I get quite a few demos from Poland and unfortunately very few have ever done anything for me but this one is the best I have ever heard. Well worth trying out. (DL)


released June 18, 2004

Mastering: Dariusz Kaliński


all rights reserved



Polaris Poland

POLARIS - Jakub Kmieć.

"It's only me, my synths and my imagination"

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